Whether you’re wanting to open a restaurant or bar, or are unhappy with how yours is currently operating, we have turn key solutions that can help.

Efficient design & equipment procurement

Keeping the challenge of today’s workforce in mind. Kitchens are set up organized with the right equipment for your craft kitchen menu. Always leaving some additional space for growth. Minimal steps so a smaller staff can produce and execute a consistent product in a timely manner.

Menu development, hiring, & training/mentoring

Chef Therapy Group can create a marketable concept or take your ideas to the next level. Always stressing LOCAL healthy sourced & sustainable ingredients. After hiring chefs / kitchen managers for over 30 years we can assist the hiring screening process to help get a candidate that fits your needs and concept. After hired I personally work with the candidate to ensure systems, standards are consistently met and taught to hired staff. We are fair kitchens practices are put in place to make the culture is a healthy, positive environment which long term reduces turn over and happy cooks produce great food!

Existing restaurant upgrades & analysis

  • Menu Flips / Rebranding / Upgrading Quality
  • Operations Organization / Service / Food Quality Issues
  • P&L / Loss Prevention Analysis for Operators or investors
  • Inconsistent or Dropping Profit Margins / Labor Costs out of Line
  • Service Training or Revitalizing
  • Kitchen Culture / Retention

LOCAL ingredient sourcing & systems

  • We are in tune with the local producers, artisans, & farmers in an aprox. 2 hour radius of the surrounding area. We like to keep the Local food circle & revenue as close as possible. We have found that producers /farmers will promote and frequent the establishments that do so.
  • We also will recommend the closest most sustainable seafood available so you know it is the best quality and not over fished and clean of unwanted chemicals.

LOCAL G.C. & architect on board

  • We work with local architects and general contractors who have a history of restaurant/kitchen projects.
  • Examples of design and projects upon request.


Chef Therapy Group represents the following companies and can provide their services:

FryTech Edible Oils   FryMate Deep Fry Filters

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